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What do I need to do to take my animal home?

Meat Processing: As always, the meat is a big part of your hunting expedition. We are aware that travelling great distances does not always allow you the privilege of taking the meat home with you. For those of you who want to take their meat home, we suggest driving to your hunt destination for easy transport. You can take your meat home to be processed or have it done here at a local meat processing shop. Your hunting license and tag, plus a meat export paper from our Fish & Wildlife department, will be all you need to take your meat home with you.

How do I care for the horns and hide? Once your animal has been harvested and your guide has provided the basics to the field care of your trophy. The guide will help you prepare the hide and horns for your travel home, either by plane or ground. Archery Bighorn: Once you have harvested your Bighorn Sheep, an inspection by the Alberta Fish & Wildlife must be completed in person. Your Ram will be measured and plugged for its registration. They will then provide an export paper for your Ram. Once this process is all done, you will be able to take your trophy home with you!

What are the dates for the hunting trips?

Archery Bighorn Sheep
1st Hunt - November 2 to November 16
2nd Hunt - November 17 to November 30

Archery Mule Dee
October 5 to October 10

Combo Hunt for Elk & Mule Deer
Horseback only

Rifle Elk & Mule Deer Hunts
Third week of November

Private Ranch Horseback Hunts
Rifle Mule Deer
October 25 to October 30

How far in advance do I need to book my hunt?

How far in advance do I need to book?
Currently we are booking out two years. Please contact us with the type of trip you are interested in and we can provide more specifics.

What expenses will I have outside of the hunt cost?

You will also be responsible to purchase a WIN Card, Alberta license and tags.
Your travel to Calgary, Alberta and meals and expenses during travel to and from Calgary will also be your responsibility. 

Note: All crating and shipping of your harvested animal is at the client's expense.

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