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Your hunting trip is planned to ensure every detail is covered!

We have been hunting and guiding for over 40 years. We know what to pack, how to pack it and how to get you to where you need to be. Our equipment lists below will ensure that you have the best hunting experience possible!

​Equipment List for Archery Bighorn Sheep
- Day pack 
- Frame backpack 
- Extra warm sleeping bag (good to -20F)
- Thermarest sleeping pad 
- Optics
- Camera, Film 
- Knife 
- Lighter, Matches 
- Warm jacket and or Vest - Check out
- Warm gloves and mitts 
- Camp Shoes 
- Extra socks 
- Leather hiking boots (broke in) 
- Snow packs *TIP: Schnee’s have a good cold weather boot
- Crampons - Check out
- Snow seal 
- Hat, Cap 
- Personal gear 
- Flashlight, batteries 
- Filtration water bottle (optional) 
- Metal water bottle 
- Mole Skin
- Two full changes of clothes - Check out
- Warm pants
- Warm hat, shirt, socks 
- Two sets of warm underwear

Calgary YYC Airport hosts most airlines. Please book your flight as soon as possible to ensure your dates of choice. 
We will pick you up at the airport and return you to the Calgary airport after your hunt.


Firearm Declaration Form:

Gun Registry:

WIN Card - Wildlife Identification Number Application: You must complete an application form and pay a small fee at a Private Licence Issuer. The vendor will issue the new WIN on a paper receipt, and licences or draw applications can be purchased at that time. A permanent WIN card will be mailed to you within 4 weeks. You can also visit to buy or renew your WIN.

Any non-Canadian who possesses a criminal record will not be allowed into Canada.
A temporary resident permit must be completed to prevent being detained at any port of entry.
Even a DUI conviction will prevent passage into Canada.
Find out how you can obtain the proper documents to come into Canada hassle free!

We're always happy to answer any additional questions you have about how to prepare for your hunting trip.

Equipment List for Mule Deer & Elk Hunts
- Day pack 
- Sleeping bag (good to -20F) 
- Optics & Camera, Film 
- Knife 
- Lighter, Matches 
- Warm jacket and or Vest 
- Warm gloves and mitts, handwarmers 
- Camp Shoes 
- Extra socks 
- Leather hiking boots (broke in) 
  (Schnee’s or Kenetrex good for cold weather) 
- Warm Hat and Cap, shirts and socks 
- Personal gear 
- Flashlight, batteries, headlamp 
- Water bottle 
- Mole Skin
- Two full changes of clothes 
- Warm pants & jacket (Sitka or kuiu)

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